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Simplified Technology Solutions: Making IT Work for Your Business

When you started your company using a laptop at home, you had all the technological know-how you required. You hired a few new people, gave them computers, updated your antivirus programme, and then you were good to go. You soon installed some business phones; not too difficult. And your office has benefited from the wireless printer you purchased on Black Friday.

You frequently work past your bedtime and wonder if your employer will always involve in using IT. You’re growing resentful of technology.

You’re concerned about how your team is distributing files. You seem to have a lot of call drops on your phones. And now that you’ve hired a few more staff, your ink cartridge expenses have skyrocketed.

Although you don’t have time to consider all your options, you are certain that there is a better approach to accomplish your goals. The platforms on which you keep your data and engage with your customers are quickly evolving into crucial infrastructure as your firm expands.

Working with a single partner that is knowledgeable in all facets of business technology allows you to receive advice that is focused on what is best for your company rather than what new technology a vendor is pushing.

You won’t ever be forced to choose between a phone provider that claims that your IT network is the cause of your dropped calls and an IT vendor who blames your devices.

Areas of Expertise

Data Technologies

Your other technology is supported by an infrastructure that is quick, effective, and secure.

Voice and Communications

Voice communications range from video conferencing technologies to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) connections.

Print and Copy

Technology for printing and copying is no longer a solitary feature. These are completely functioning parts of your network.

Data Technologies

Your data technologies include:

  • The computer or cloud platform where your files are kept.
  • Your internet connection or connections.
  • The wireless access points you have inside.
  • The security tools that safeguard your devices and network.
  • Your data loss protection backup storage system.
  • Your data-sharing and email systems.
  • The network connections and wiring link everything for a seamless user experience.

The core of your company’s technology is comprised of these features. Every IVT Consulting solution begins with support and advice around your fundamental data technology systems because we are an IT firm first and foremost.

Voice and Communications

Your IT infrastructure most certainly has a connection to your workplace phone system. This means that maintaining network security requires cooperation between your IT team and traditional phone system manufacturers. You can get the most out of your network connections and devices by working with a single vendor for voice and data communications.

Moreover, office communications are no longer solely restricted to fax, email, and phone. Stand-alone phone and data systems are becoming obsolete as video conferencing becomes commonplace in practically every industry.

You can thoroughly plan for and manage all of the communication tools and platforms your business needs today and in the future by incorporating voice and video communication technologies into your entire business IT strategy and support services.

You gain from

  •  Having just one supplier and connection (aka “one throat to choke”).
  • Voice and communications are in line with every aspect of your company.
  • No time is lost.

Print and Copy

To keep your huge copier maintained, you probably collaborate with a copier firm. They provide your toner and can troubleshoot the machine if something isn’t operating properly. Nevertheless, rather than the printer itself, many printing problems are caused by the application level.

Tiny desktop printers are also dispersed across your business. Given how inexpensive it is to replace those desktop printers, you don’t have to worry about service. Yet if you use them frequently, you’re probably spending a fortune on toner or ink cartridges.

You’re probably spending more than you realize on ink, toner, and redundant maintenance costs as a result of these fragmented print/copy functionalities.

And for this reason, IVT Consultants expanded its completely managed print and copy offerings in 2017.

Among the managed print/copy services are:

  • Planning for print and copy management to find cost-saving opportunities
  • Compliance plans for print and copy operations.
  • Leases, maintenance, and support agreements for multifunction copiers.
  • Managed print and copy services that are flat-rate and include all equipment, toner, maintenance, and support.

Putting Strategy First: Achieving Business Success Through Planning and Execution

Every IT firm is available to support your network. Some of them may also be skilled in voice and print/copy. IVT Consultants is a IT firm that puts strategy first. That implies that we inform your IT services and support based on your business plan. Since each service is customized to the technology that enables you to achieve your company objectives, we don't offer standard solutions

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