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Skilled in Technology | Driving Business Success

Skilled in Technology | Driving Business Success

Your IT plan may have started out relatively straightforward. You required a location to save some documents, some basic software applications, and email in order to communicate with customers and suppliers.

When your company expands, you must contend with:

  • Restricting employee access to specific files and folders is necessary.
  • Distant employees who need to access your internal network.
  • Rules for conformity.
  • Budgeting for IT.
  • Increasing challenges to data security and more data.

You’ve created a strategy for how you’ll achieve your goal of business growth over the coming years. But does your plan take into account IT issues? 

Based on your company’s needs, an IT plan spells out how you’ll manage the aforementioned problems. It serves as a road plan for the necessary technology.

The Strategic Process: Mapping Out Your Business's Path to Success

Every service agreement with IVT Consultants includes consulting on IT strategy. This implies that you collaborate with a focused strategy consultant and keep a strategic technology plan in line with your corporate goals. The four components of strategic cooperation with IVT Consultants are listed below

Strategy Consultant

Consider your strategy consultant to be your strategic partner. Their task is to learn about your company, your objectives, your difficulties, and your sense of success. They will then suggest future technology that will help you achieve your objectives. They act as your intermediary between your company and technology.

Compliance Consulting

IVT Consultants carries some accountability for security and compliance as your IT partner. We go one step further and help you with every step of the compliance procedure. To accomplish their mandated risk analysis, which must include all elements of physical, administrative, and technical compliance, HIPAA-covered organizations work directly with a compliance professional.

Strategy Meetings

To ensure the success of our business, regular and open communication with your strategy consultant is essential. Your strategy consultant and you will have monthly meetings to go over improvements to your company's operations and long-term goals.

Strategic Technology Plan

Your strategic technology plan is an ongoing record of the technologies you now use as well as replacement plans, license renewals, and warranty information. It also highlights the outcomes of your strategy sessions, highlighting emerging technologies or adjustments to take into account as your company expands.

Trial FAQ

1How quickly will someone come help?

We do our best to address emergencies immediately. However, customers with an active service contract and SLA are our highest priority. Call the help desk at 301.739.7445 to find out when the next qualified tech is available to assist you. Your tech will be scheduled as soon as your payment is processed.

2What if you spend 5 hours working on my problem and it is not resolved?

We can't guarantee issue resolution on networks we aren't currently managing. We do our best to at least get you operational again, or identify a fix. However, we can't replace equipment or make significant changes to your infrastructure without a support contract.

3Can I sign a service contract and get same-day support?

You can, but we don't recommend it unless we've already been discussing a support contract. It's never a good idea to make a long-term commitment while you're in a crisis. Plus, a trial is usually the fastest way to get same day service. 

4Will you refund my trial if I sign a service contract?

We will credit the full amount paid for your trial if you sign a service contract within 30 days.

5Do my trial hours expire?

Your trial hours expire after 90 days.

6I purchased a trial block in the past. Can I purchase another one?

No. We do our best work when we establish long-term partnerships with clients. We are not the best fit for you if you've used a 5-hour trial in the past and decided not to move forward with a managed service contract. 

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