Managed and Co-Managed Services

Optimizing Your Business's Technology with IT Support Services

Eliminating your IT Worries

Are you concerned about the security of your data or your IT infrastructure? You were successful in implementing the technologies required to launch your company. Employees’ growth has been supported by you, either independently or with help. You’re not sure if you’re supporting your business objectives in the best way possible as your IT expenditures grow in size.

You can stop stressing about: Unpredictable IT costs that can be easily managed by IT services.


  • Benefits and cost reduction at the time of addressing that annoying IT issues.
  • How long will it take for your IT specialist to visit and resolve your problem?
  • Are you having technical issues while your IT man is ill or has taken a leave?

Maximizing Technology Services with Managed IT Support

You can approach IT assistance for your company in a number of different ways. IVT Consultants offers managed services. In providing everything from walk-in computer repair to large-scale commercial IT infrastructure projects for 19 years, we’ve discovered that proactive management of IT systems provides our customers with the best technological experience.

We provide monthly service agreements via which we manage, support, and maintain your complete IT network. We become familiar with your particular network and your company through a long-term partnership. This enables us to provide more proactive IT assistance and offer strategic technological ideas that will benefit your company.

Two Types of IT Partnerships

With IVT Consultants, every collaboration begins with a managed service agreement. The scope of your internal IT workforce determines the specific service you receive.

Managed IT Services

For the Business with No Internal IT Resources You might get assistance with IT from a tech-savvy friend, neighbor, or nephew. You could be intelligent enough to manage it on your own. Whichever method you've used to handle IT, you're beginning to feel like your company has outpaced it.

Co-Managed IT Services

For the Business with Internal IT Resources You have the internal IT workforce, but tasks are not being completed on time. It's unclear to you what is missing. You believe there are some gaps to be filled, regardless of the size and scope of your own IT team.

Managed IT Services

IVT Consultants becomes your full-service IT department when you use managed IT services. It works well for companies with little or no internal IT staff.

The following services are included in managed IT contracts.

Network Monitoring

Digital vigilance for all types of equipment. Problems including slow performance crashes and insufficient disc space are automatically reported to technicians. Because of this, we are able to deal with a lot of problems before you or your staff ever become aware that they exist.

IT Strategy Consulting

Your computer can be fixed by anyone. Most IT solutions may be used to address various issues in various ways. For you to get the most out of your IT investment, IVT Consultants combines our technological competence with a knowledge of your business.

Help Desk Support

Every employee in your company has unlimited access to our help desk. Employees can request support via phone, email, or directly through your customer portal. Help desk hours are Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After-hours emergency support is also available 24/7 as an add-on service.

Unlimited IT Support

The help desk makes remote troubleshooting attempts and, where necessary, elevates difficulties to a more experienced professional. An on-site visit by a field service technician is planned when problems cannot be fixed remotely. According to the timetable and level of urgency specified in the service level agreement, all concerns are fixed.

Vendor Management

The initiative always lies with us. This ensures that you're never caught in the middle of a dispute between competing vendors. We deal with external vendors directly on your behalf when they are needed, such as a software provider or internet service provider, to fix a problem. Never again must you wait on hold for customer support.

Threat Management

All devices come with an antivirus program already installed. Your anti-virus program notifies our technicians of any threats it finds so that we can swiftly take remedial action. Customers who purchase our suggested backup solution also receive free data recovery.

Asset Management

Each device connected to your network is logged in and given an asset tag number. Each asset's purchase date, warranty details, anticipated end of life, software licensing, user, location, etc. are all kept up to date in our records. With the aid of this data, we assist you in creating a budget and planning for any necessary upgrades, replacements, and data deletion.

Network Documentation

You are the owner of your network and credentials. We never keep passwords disguised or secret, even if we need to keep network access to manage and support your network. Using your customer portal, you have access to all of your network documentation.

Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT is a collaboration between your internal IT team and IVT Consultants If at least one of the managed IT operations is handled by your internal IT team, co-managed is an excellent method to fill skill gaps and achieve strategic alignment between your business goals and technology choices.

There are two alternatives for co-managed services, depending on your team’s size.

Flat-Rate Co-Managed IT

This is the co-managed option that covers the greatest scope and can incorporate any of the fully managed IT services. As your team concentrates on things like line of business apps and bespoke data processing, our team manages the network and provides daily end-user support. With a co-managed service desk option, we can also collaborate to run the help desk for your business.

Hourly Co-Managed IT

Hourly co-managed services are only available to businesses with capable internal IT teams. Daily IT support is handled by your team, and our team is only available sporadically during the month. The majority of businesses choose this option to support their staff during periods of increased workload or to troubleshoot more complex projects that fall outside the expertise of their own team.

Elements of Every Partnership

With IVT Consultants, managed service agreements represent a business partnership.

Although specific services are customized to meet your individual requirements, all customers gain from our unique combination of experience, strategy, and technology.

The ability to support all forms of technology, such as business phones, printers, and computers.

Consulting, support, and maintenance are all included in the flat monthly cost price structure.

An SLA guarantees particular response and issue resolution times.

A community of IT experts skilled in all facets of enterprise technology.

Your business strategy drives the proactive support and choices that you make in IT.

Additional Services

Every IVT Consulting Service  starts with either managed or co-managed IT services. Additional products and services are also available based on the needs of your business.

Compliance and Security

HIPAA and PCI Compliance Email Encryption and Filtering Data Destruction with Certificate Backup and Disaster Recovery Dark Web Monitoring Security Awareness Training

Voice and Communications

Video Conferencing Email Licensing Digital and VoIP Phone System Installation Phone System Support Phone System Maintenance

Print and Copy

Multi-Function Copiers Document Management Assessments and Cost Analysis Managed Print/Copy Printer/Copier Support Document Security

Hardware and Equipment

Computers and Servers Network Infrastructure Equipment Leasing Commercial Warranties and Extended Service Contracts Cloud Hosting

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