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Do you assume that the only approach to fill the shortages in your IT team would be to hire more employees? Do you feel helpless because your team is struggling with advanced skills or management planning but you don’t necessarily have the resources to acquire upper-level IT talent?

A great solution is to use both your internal IT team and outsourced IT resources. Without the budgetary and administrative burdens associated with employing higher-level IT professionals or C-level IT leadership, you can get the depth of knowledge and proactive IT leadership you desire.

With IVT Consultants co-managed IT services, you can add 35+ more IT personnel to your current workforce.

Why Co-Managed IT Services

There is a wide range of ways you can enhance your IT workforce. You might expand your workforce, collaborate with a staffing firm to find temporary employees, or partner with a business that offers IT knock services as needed. And each of those choices has a proper context. In the event that any of the following situations applies to you, co-managed IT services are the right approach.

Your Business Is Growing

It is certain that when your company expands, you will need to add more roles. The jobs that have the biggest effects on your bottom line are those that directly sell or distribute your goods or services. But servicing more users and devices is beyond the capabilities of your IT personnel. Co-managed services provide you access to even more IT resources while you spend money on hiring more productive employees.

You Follow Compliance Regulations

Your IT team is technology-oriented, but compliance also heavily relies on technology. By working with IVT Consultants, all IT decisions will be taken into compliance with laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Data is Essential to Your Business

You need more specialized applications and reporting features as your data usage increases. Internal IT resources can concentrate on streamlining line-of-business applications and data reporting that directly generate income thanks to co-managed IT services. The daily network connectivity and end-user assistance are then handled by IVT Consultants team.

Supplemental IT FAQ

1Will you support equipment I purchased elsewhere?

We support whatever technology is currently in place on day one of your support contract. However, we cannot deploy loaner equipment or process most warranty claims for equipment purchased elsewhere.

2Can I call when my team needs help and pay for the service call?

No. We are in the best position to help when we are involved in the management of your network. We only support customers engaged in an annual service contract. If you experience an IT emergency while you're considering a support contract, you may purchase a 5-hour trial block to receive support before making a long-term commitment. 

3Will you eventually ask me to fire my IT employees?

No. We get to know your business and the resources available. We'll consult with you on how to best organize and utilize a partnership between our team and your internal IT team. However, we tell it like it is. While it rarely happens, we're always honest with you if we experience a difficult personnel situation.  

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