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Emergency IT Support

When You Need IT Support Now

Getting IT Support

After we onboard your connectivity, IVT Consultants provides you with the finest assistance possible. We gather information about your devices throughout the onboarding process, record passwords and access protocols, and install software that enables ongoing network health monitoring. With this knowledge, we can spot problems and take prompt, efficient corrective action.

As soon as you sign a support agreement to become a IVT Consultants customer, the onboarding process gets started.

But events do occur. You mainly do not have time to discuss a support contract and go through onboarding if there is an emergency right now. Right now, you require assistance and we assure you that.

5-Hour IT Support Trial

A prepaid block of help time is a 5-hour IT support trial. An IT support trial allows you access to IVT Consultants technicians to troubleshoot an urgent IT issue even if you haven’t yet signed a managed services contract.

Any IT issue can be resolved using a trial. The most frequent uses of it are for data recovery or network outages. Although we can’t promise a solution to your issue, 5 hours is often enough time to investigate and make an effort to fix an issue.

A 5-hour support trial is the quickest method to get support if you’re not yet a customer of IVT Consultants.

Yet, not everyone will find it to be the best option. A trial is not a financially advantageous approach to getting IT services to get help if you are not thinking about a managed service contract. A managed service contract is a  vital opportunity to experience working with our team if you are thinking about getting one.

IT Support Trial Pros and Cons

If you’re not yet a IVT Consultants customer, a 5-hour support trial is the fastest way to get support.

However, it is not an ideal solution for everyone. If you are not considering a managed service contract, a trial is not a cost-effective way of acquiring IT support. If you are considering a managed service contract, it is a great way to see what it’s like to work with our team.

Trial Pros

Access to support without making a commitment is a trial's advantage. When you're in need of support, you shouldn't feel pressured to sign a 12-month contract. Certainly, we'd be happy to discuss a more extended partnership. but not when you are most at risk. Your problem is handled by a skilled technician. No further commitments. If you enter into a support contract within 30 days, the charge will be deducted from your first invoice.

Trial Cons

Trial support is not guaranteed. We can usually accommodate same-day emergency support requests, but our first priority is maintaining the capacity to serve contracted customers. Plus, we're going in blind to your IT environment. So, we can't promise a fix. Same-day support is not always available - but we do try our best to fit you in. There is no guarantee of a resolution to your issue. Unused hours expire after 90 days.

5-Hour IT Support Trial Price

Payment must be processed before scheduling support. Your first managed IT services invoice will be credited with the full trial fee if you sign a support contract within 30 days of your trial.

4 Steps To Emergency IT Support

Call Help Desk

Call the help desk at 301.739.7445. Explain your issue and ask how soon a tech could be scheduled to either come to your business or remotely look into your problem.

Sign Master Service Agreement

Enter your business and contact information into the form below. You will receive a Master Service Agreement (MSA) via email. Review and electronically DocuSign the MSA.

Complete Payment

Follow the payment link included in the DocuSign email to complete payment. A tech will not be scheduled until payment is processed.

Appointment Confirmation

You will receive a call from a service coordinator to confirm the appointment for a tech to come to your business and address your issue or access your device remotely.

Trial FAQ

1How quickly will someone come help?

We do our best to address emergencies immediately. However, customers with an active service contract and SLA are our highest priority. Call the help desk at 301.739.7445 to find out when the next qualified tech is available to assist you. Your tech will be scheduled as soon as your payment is processed.

2What if you spend 5 hours working on my problem and it is not resolved?

We can't guarantee issue resolution on networks we aren't currently managing. We do our best to at least get you operational again, or identify a fix. However, we can't replace equipment or make significant changes to your infrastructure without a support contract.

3Can I sign a service contract and get same-day support?

You can, but we don't recommend it unless we've already been discussing a support contract. It's never a good idea to make a long-term commitment while you're in a crisis. Plus, a trial is usually the fastest way to get same day service. 

4Will you refund my trial if I sign a service contract?

We will credit the full amount paid for your trial if you sign a service contract within 30 days.

5Do my trial hours expire?

Your trial hours expire after 90 days.

6I purchased a trial block in the past. Can I purchase another one?

No. We do our best work when we establish long-term partnerships with clients. We are not the best fit for you if you've used a 5-hour trial in the past and decided not to move forward with a managed service contract. 

Purchase Trial

Complete the information below. Your MSA will be sent to the email provided within 30 minutes M-F 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. While we do our best to accommodate requests ASAP, forms submitted after 4 p.m. may not be answered until the next business day.