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Improving Your Business's Technology Services

Upgrade Your IT Support: Settle for the Latest Technology

You’ve been with your current IT company for a while. You like them, you have a personal connection to the owner. You have the nagging IT headaches that every business deals with, but nothing really terrible has happened on their watch. So you can’t justify switching companies. 

Don’t settle for IT headaches, or a nagging feeling that your IT systems aren’t managed correctly. 

Exploring the Advantages of Co-Managed IT Services

There are plenty of different ways you can supplement your IT team. You could hire more people, hire temp workers through a staffing agency, or work with a company that provides as needed break/fix IT work. And all of those options have their place. Co-managed IT services are the right fit if any of the following scenarios apply to you. 

Expanding Your Business

The need to add new positions as your business grows is inevitable. Positions that directly deliver or sell your product are service have the greatest impact on the bottom line. But your IT team can't keep up with supporting more users and devices. Co-managed services give you added IT resources while you invest in more profitable staff positions.


Your IT team is technology-focused, but technology plays a huge role in compliance. Partnering with IVT Consultants means compliance regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are considered in every IT decision.

Timely Issue Resolution: Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity

Is your IT company unavailable when you call? Do they take days or weeks to resolve issues? IVT Consultants Service Level Agreement (SLA) is included in every managed services contract. An SLA is a commitment to specific response and issue resolution times

Switching to IVT Consultants FAQ

1When should I tell my IT company I'm switching?

Allow your current IT company the opportunity to make things right. Have a meeting with them and be brutally honest about what it would take for you to stay with them. If they're unable to accommodate you there should be no surprises when you give notice. The timing of your notice depends on how much access and control you have to your network. A 30-day overlap in service between us and your old company is nice, but not always necessary. We'll advise you exactly how much overlap we'll need when we get to know your situation. 

2I'm under contract with my current IT company, can I still switch to you?

Unless your current IT company has breached their contract in some way, you'll likely have to pay the remainder of your contract to leave. Depending on the amount of time left in your agreement, we can sometimes buy out your current contract. 

3When will my service start?

Services start on either the 1st or 15th of the month. You'll have access to help desk support on day one of your service agreement. We'll schedule a kick-off call the first week of your service agreement to introduce you to the team and schedule your onboarding. The onboarding process includes documentation of your network and a site visit to your office.

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