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Outsourced IT Services

Maximizing Your Business's Technological Capabilities

Fully-Staffed IT Department

Do you think fully staffed IT departments are only available to large companies? Think again. IVT Consultants Regardless of the size of your company, managed IT services offer you access to a 35+ member IT team.

Maybe, You haven’t encountered any significant IT problems but, you constantly question whether you are actually utilizing the best technological solutions for your organization in the back of your mind. There’s also the slightest nagging concern over how safe your documents are and what would happen if you lost important information.

A managed IT team besides your support reduces your “what about if” concern whilst maximizing the returns upon your IT investments.

Why IT Services are needed to Manage?

Managed IT services are an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes. There are numerous options available for getting IT support. You may work with a company that performs as-needed pull IT services, hire your own person, or call a freelance IT specialist whenever you require him. And every one of those choices has a proper context. In the event that any of the following circumstances apply to you, managed IT services are indeed the perfect idea.

Business Growth

When your business expands, IT issues multiply and become increasingly costly to resolve. As your company expands, a managed IT service provider works with you in consultation to assist you to choose the best IT solutions that can grow with your company.

Following Compliance Requirements

Robust data and network access controls are necessitated by the majority of compliance standards, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This implies that your IT team must adhere to following your industry's regulations. IVT Consultants not only complies with HIPAA and PCI, but we also help you also with the process.

Data Essentiality

The more pertinent information companies own, the farther critical it is for businesses and their personnel to have access to that data when they require it. Data loss could have a disastrous effect on your company, but cutting off access due to a network or internet provider interruption can also have significant effects. IVT Consultants works together with you to figure out the ideal redundancies and contingency solutions for business services.

Importance of Data Security

Your consumers put their trust in you every moment they provide you with details as basic as their name and email address, so preserving that information secret is important in addition to keeping your corporate information private. A security breach potentially leads to you losing the faith and reputation of company clients. Counseling and planning for the optimal information security plan for your particular business are components of managed IT services.

Outsourced IT FAQ

1Will you support equipment I purchased elsewhere?

We support whatever technology is currently in place on day one of your support contract. However, we cannot deploy loaner equipment or process most warranty claims for equipment purchased elsewhere.

2Can I call when I need you and pay for the service call?

No. We only support customers engaged in an annual service contract. If you experience an IT emergency while you're considering a support contract you may purchase a 5-hour trial block to receive support prior to signing a contract. 

3I just need a phone system or copier, do I need managed IT services?

Yes. Most phone systems and copiers are connected to your network. Supporting your entire technology infrastructure allows us to provide the most efficient service. If you truly only want a copier or phone system, a stand-alone copier or phone system vendor is a better fit than Innovative.

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